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Complexity Classification Business fields

* Mining Industry or Stone Quarrying Industry
* Oil or gas extraction
* Textiles or clothing tanning
* Pulping part of paper manufacturing including paper recycle process
* Oil refining
* Chemistry or medical supplies
* The first stage production - metal
* Nonmetal process, ceramic and cement
* Electronic creation by coal
* Constructing or dismantling
* Hazardous or non-hazardous waste disposal, ex: Waste Incineration
*Effluence and sewage treatment


* Fishing industry, Agriculture industry, Hunting industry
* Textiles or clothing without tanning
* Board production, wood and wood product treatment / injection
* Paper manufacturing or printing without pulping
* Products including nonmetal process, glass, clay and lime production
* Basis surface or other chemical processing for metal excluding the first production stage
* Basis surface or other chemical processing for general mechanical engineering
* BARE PRINTED circuit boards for electronics industry
* Transportation Equipment Manufacturing - road, rail, air, ship
* Electricity generation or distribution by non-coal
* Gas production, storage, distribution (Note: the high level extract)
* Water separation(extraction) including water system, purification and distribution (Note: the high level of commercial waste water treatment
* fossil fuels wholesale or retail
*food and tobacco - processing
*transportation or distribution - water, air, land
* Commercial real estate brokerage, Real estate management, Industrial cleaning, Sanitary cleaning, and General business services 
* General dry cleaning 
* Recycling, compost, landfill (non-hazardous waste)
* Technology testing and research
* Health/hospital/veterinary
* Leisure services and personal services except hotels/restaurants


* Hotels/restaurants
* Wood and wood product treatment / injection except board producing
* Paper goods excepts printing, pulping paper producing
* Rubber and plastic molding, forming, assembly - except rubber and plastic raw materials in the part of the chemicals
* Hot & cold forming, metal manufacturing, or the first stage producing  except surface treatment and other chemical basis processing
* Mechanical engineering assembly except surface treatment and other chemical basis
* Whole and retail sales
* Electrical and electronic equipment assembly except BARE PRINTED circuit boards manufacturing


* Corporate activities and management, or HQ and holding company’s business management
* transportation and distribution – management service of not having an actual vehicle to manage remote communications
* Commercial real estate brokerage, real estate management, industrial cleaning, sanitary cleaning, common business services except dry cleaning
* Education service


* Nuclear
* Nuclear electricity generation
* A large amount of hazardous metal saved
* Public administration
* Local authorized administration
* Organizations with environmentally sensitive products and services


OH&SMS Risks Business sectors and Complexity Categories

Complexity category of OH&S risk Business sector

* fishing (offshore, coastal dredging and diving)
* mining and quarrying
* manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products
* oil and gas extraction
* tanning of textiles and clothing
* pulping part of paper manufacturing including paper recycling processing
* oil refining
* chemicals (including pesticides, fabrication of batteries and accumulators), and pharmaceuticals
* manufacturing of fibreglass
* gas production, storage and distribution
* electricity generation and distribution
* nuclear
* storage of large quantities of hazardous material
* non-metallic processing and products covering ceramics, concrete, cement, lime, plaster, etc.
* primary productions of metals
* hot and cold forming and metal fabrication
* manufacturing and assembly of metal structures
* shipyards (depending on the activities could be medium)
* aerospace industry
* automotive industry
* manufacturing of weapons and explosives
* recycling of hazardous waste
* hazardous and non-hazardous waste processing e.g. incineration etc.
* effluent and sewerage processing
* industrial and civil construction and demolition (including building completion with electrical, hydraulic and air conditioning installation activities)
* slaughter houses
* transport and distribution of dangerous goods (by land, air and water)
* defence activities/crisis management
* healthcare/hospitals/veterinary/social works


* aquaculture (breeding, rearing, and harvesting of plants and animals in all types of water environments)
* fishing (offshore fishing is high)
* farming/forestry (depending on the activities could be high)
* food, beverage and tobacco – processing
* textiles and clothing except for tanning
* manufacturing of wood and wooden products including manufacturing of
boards, treatment/impregnation of wood
* paper production and paper products excluding pulping
* non-metallic processing and products covering glass, ceramics, clay, etc.
* general mechanical engineering assembly
* manufacturing of metallic products
* surface and other chemically based treatment for metal fabricated products excluding primary production and for general mechanical engineering (depending on the treatment and the size of the component could be high)
* production of bare printed circuit boards for electronics industry
* rubber and plastic injection moulding, forming and assembly
* electrical and electronic equipment assembly
* manufacturing of transport equipment and their repairs - road, rail and air (depending on the size of the equipment, could be high)
* recycling, composting, landfill (of non-hazardous waste)
* water abstraction, purification and distribution including river management (note commercial effluent treatment is graded as high)
* fossil fuel wholesale and retail (depending on the amount of fuel, could be high)
* transport of passengers (by air, land and sea)
 transport and distribution of non-dangerous goods (by land, air and water)
* industrial cleaning, hygiene cleaning, dry cleaning normally part of general business services
* research & development in natural and technical sciences (depending on the business sector could be high). Technical testing and laboratories
* hotels, leisure services and personal services excludes restaurants
* education services (depending on the object of teaching activities could be high or low)


* corporate activities and management, HQ and management of holding companies
* wholesale and retail (depending on the product, could be medium or high, e.g. fuel)
* general business services except industrial cleaning, hygiene cleaning, dry cleaning and education services).
* transport and distribution - management services with no actual fleet to manage
* engineering services (could be medium depending on type of services)
* telecommunications and post office services
* restaurants and campings
* commercial estate agency, estate management
* research & development on social sciences and humanities
* public administration, local authorities
* financial institutions, advertising agency