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SoonJu, Wang
(Doctor of Medicine)
  1. Hallym University, Professor, Chief of Emergency Center
  2. Chairman of the Korea Disaster Medicine
  3. President of Research of Korea Senior Emergency
  4. Hallym University Medical Center, Dongtan Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine
(Doctor of Pharmacy / Doctor of Agriculture)
  1. GIFU University of Japan (Applied Biology and Chemistry of Shizuoka University) : Doctor of Agriculture
  2. Doctor of Pharmacy
  3. Lead Auditor

Oh Yeol, Gwak
(Doctor of Fishery science / Master of science)
  1. Doctor of Fishery science
  2. Master of science
  3. Policy Advisor
  4. The Shellfish Society of Korea
  5. Korea Institute of favorite food
SangKeun, Lee
(Doctor of Political science / Master of Political)
  1. Doctor of Political science
  2. Master of Political
  3. Unification Advisory Council Member
  4. Supervision Department Member
  5. Korea Institute of Peace Studies Auditor